B E S T A L B U M S 2 0 1 7(So Far) [r e w i n d]

◎ Dust(Hyperdub 2017)Laurel Halo
◎ Powerplant(Anti- 2017)Girlpool
◎ Slugger(Carpark 2016)Sad13
◎ Planetarium(4AD 2017)Sufjan Stevens、Bryce Dessner、Nico Muhly、James McAlister
◎ Brazil(White Sun 2017)JFDR

◎ Gisele De Santi(Tratore 2010)Gisele De Santi
◎ Efemera(YB 2010)Tulipa Ruiz
◎ Halo(Crammed Discs 2017)Juana Molina
◎ Press Color(2015 Light In The Attic)Lizzy Mercier Descloux
◎ Last Forever(Luxury 2015)Westkust
◎ Gift For The End(Whale Watch 2012)Mariee Sioux
◎ Sees The Light(Yacca / Hardly Art 2012)La Sera
◎ Solar(Fullstream / Thomason 2011)Rubik
◎ Natureboy(Own 2011)Natureboy
◎ El Radio(Lirico 2009)Chris Garneau
◎ Vedette(Stilll 2006)Vedette
◎ Leise(Cronica 2006)Freiband
◎ Bambas & Biritas(Rip Curl / MCD 2005)BiD
◎ Paradise(Rough Trade 2017)Anohni EP
◎ II(Flying Nun 2017)The Courtneys

◎ Cuidado Madame(Ponderosa 2017)Arto Lindsay
◎ La Ilusion(Twitin 2016)Dario Jalfin
◎ Ja E(Sony Music 2015)Arnaldo Antunes
◎ Ao Som Dos Planetas(Independent 2015)Alberto Continentino
◎ Toda Pessoa Pode Ser Invencao(Independent 2017)Fernanda Gonzaga 
◎ Theyesandeye(Nude 2016)Lou Rhodes
◎ Arca(XL 2017)Arca
◎ Darling Of The Afterglow(Bella Union 2017)Lydia Ainsworth

◎ Heads Up(Rough Trade 2016)Warpaint
◎ Give A Glimpse Of What Yer Not(Jagjaguwar 2016)Dinosaur Jr.
◎ Feigen Feigen(Le Saule / Windbell 2016)Leonore Boulanger
◎ Mystere(Disque Pointu 2016)La Femme
◎ This Is Acting: Deluxe Edition(Monkey Puzzle 2016)Sia
◎ Philosophy Of The World(Light In The Attic 2016)The Shaggs
◎ Esquemas Juveniles(Indcice Virgen 2006)Javiera Mena
◎ Run Fast(Dischord 2013)The Julie Ruin
◎ Perfect As Cats: A Tribute To The Cure(Manimal Vinyl 2008)Various Artists
◎ Diurno(Warner 2011)AVA(Ava Rocha)
◎ Diario De Vento(2017)Joana Queiroz

◎ Dirty Projectors(Domino 2017)Dirty Projectors
◎ Memories Are Now(Sub Pop 2017)Jesca Hoop
◎ Boa Noite Pra Falar Com O Mar(Independente 2016)Joana Queiroz Sexteto
◎ Nothing Feels Natural(Sister Polygon 2017)Priests
◎ Pirate! The Dark Side Of The X(Cache Cache 2013)X-Ray Pop
◎ Peace Sword(Warner Bros. 2013)The Flaming Lips EP
◎ Welcome Back To Milk(Mute 2015)Du Blonde
◎ Nature(Kranky 2015)Valet

◎ Wildflower(Modular 2016)The Avalanches
◎ Blood Bitch(Sacred Bones 2016)Jenny Hval
◎ Palana(Captured Tracks 2016)Charlie Hilton
◎ Echoes Of The Dreamtime(Invisible Hands 2016)Miranda Lee Richardsy
◎ La Hora Diminuta(Independiente 2014)Cribas
◎ Nocturno Mundo(Bau 2013)Florencia Otero
◎ Remerle(Le Saule 2015)Aurelien Merle
◎ Love(Sacred Bones 2014)Amen Dunes
◎ L'etoile Thoracique(Coyote 2016)Klo Pelgag
◎ Aventine(Play It Again Sam 2013)Agnes Obel
◎ July(Bella Union 2014)Marissa Nadler
◎ Stranger Things Have Happened(Virgin 2016) Clare Maguir

  • 2017年上半期(1〜6月)のスニーズ版「BEST NEW ALBUMS 10」です^^;

  • 2017年上半期に購入したアルバム(輸入・国内CD)をリストアップしました

  • 写真は草間彌生「わが永遠の魂」(国立新美術館)で撮影した巨大フラワーズです。スマホ限定とは知らずにミラーレス一眼で撮りましたが、注意されませんでした^^;

L'etoile ThoraciqueBoa Noite Pra Falar Com O MarNothing Feels NaturalMemories Are NowDirty ProjectorsARCACuidado MadameHaloPowerplantDust

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