B E S T A L B U M S 2 0 1 6(So Far) [r e w i n d]

  • BEST ALBUMS 2016(So Far)
    • Louis Matthieu Joseph & Anna Chedid(Riviera 2015)
    • Maeana(Joia Moderna 2015)Ana Claudia Lomelino
    • Space & Time(Les Disques Du Crepuscule)Deux Filles
    • Adore Life(Matador)Savages
    • Void Beats / Invocation Trex(Duophonic)Cavern Of Anti-Matter
    • Adentro Floresta Afora(Independente)Leonora Weissmann
    • Varmints(Moshi Moshi)Anna Meredith
    • Paradise(Domino)White Lung
    • Hopelessness(Rough Trade)Anohni
    • Colecao(Phonomotor)Marisa Monte

    ◎ The Magic(Polyvinyl 2016)Deerhoof
    ◎ Brinquei De Inventar O Mundo(Maravilha 2015)Jozi Lucka
    ◎ Curiosity(Coolangatta 2015)Emilie Gassin
    ◎ Des Corps Libres(Capitol 2015)Arno Santamaria
    ◎ Sons Da Percussao(Baluarte 2011)Sementeira
    ◎ Mangue Bit Ao Vivo(Coqueiro Verde 2016)Mundo Livre SA CD+DVD
    ◎ Problema Meu(Chevalier De Pas 2016)Clarice Falcao
    ◎ Na E Ze(Circus 2015)Na Ozzetti & Miguel Wisnik
    ◎ Bait Is For Sissies(My Favourite Chords 2016)Kino Kimino
    ◎ Universo En Miniatura(Asterisco 2014)Sebastian Escofet
    ◎ Colecao(Phonomotor 2016)Marisa Monte
    ◎ Rubi(Repeadpe Sur 2015)Loli Molina
    ◎ La Di Da Di(Warp 2015)Battles
    ◎ Tels Alain Bashung(Barclay 2011)Various Artists
    ◎ Cosecha(Independente 2016)Ana Larrubia

    ◎ Varmints(Moshi Moshi 2016)Anna Meredith
    ◎ Hinterland(Warp 2015)Lonelady
    ◎ Complete Music(Mute 2016)New Order 2CD
    ◎ Paradise(Domino 2016)White Lung
    ◎ Hopelessness(Rough Trade 2016)Anohni
    ◎ Sunbathing Animal(Rough Trade 2014)Parquet Courts
    ◎ Partimpim Tles(Sony 2012)Adriana Calcanhotto

    ◎ The Hope Six Demolition Project(Island 2016)PJ Harvey
    ◎ Lost Time(Hardly Art 2016)Tacocat
    ◎ Places(Barclay 2012)Lou Doillon
    ◎ Louis Matthieu Joseph & Anna Chedid(Riviera 2015)
    ◎ Mil Noches Y Un Instante(DBN 2013)Pedro Aznar

    ◎ Adentro Floresta Afora(Independente 2016)Leonora Weissmann
    ◎ Void Beats / Invocation Trex(Duophonic 2016)Cavern Of Anti-Matter
    ◎ Not To Disappear(4AD 2016)Daughter
    ◎ Leave Me Alone(Lucky Number 2016)HiNDS
    ◎ Coda(Swan Song 2015)Led Zeppelin 3CD

    ◎ Painting With(Domino 2016)Animal Collective
    ◎ For How Much Longer Do We Tolerate Mass Murder?(Freaks R Us 2016)The Pop Group
    ◎ Sisyphus(Asthmatic Kitty 2014)Sisyphus
    ◎ I Wish Dee Dee Ramone Was Here With Me(Pickpocket 2015)Le Volume Courbe
    ◎ Pro Fim Do Inverno(Independente 2013)Cristiano Cunha
    ◎ Presence(Swan Song 2015)Led Zeppelin 2CD
    ◎ Ahora(Acqua 2015)Nora Benaglia
    ◎ In Through The Out Door(Swan Song 2015)Led Zeppelin 2CD
    ◎ Sirens(Nettwerk 2015)The Weepies
    ◎ Fuerteventura(Columbia 2011)Russian Red

    ◎ Untouched(Saint Marie 2015)Secret Shine
    ◎ Adore Life(Matador 2016)Savages
    ◎ Homeland(Parlophone 2015)Hindi Zahra
    ◎ Languidez(Jam Music 2003)Jane Duboc
    ◎ Space & Time(Les Disques Du Crepuscule 2016)Deux Filles
    ◎ Silence & Wisdom / Double Happiness(LTM 2013)Deux Filles
    ◎ Georgia(Domino 2015)Georgia
    ◎ Colibri(NS 2012)Nora Sarmoria - Victoria Zotalis
    ◎ Maeana(Joia Moderna 2015)Ana Claudia Lomelino
    ◎ Hellno Kitty(Reft 2014)Anais
    ◎ Bretonne(Mercury 2012)Nolwenn Leroy
    ◎ Parresia(Epsa 2012)Martin Robbio
    ◎ Apocalypse, Girl(Sacred Bones 2015)Jenny Hval
    ◎ Here Before(Bar/None 2014)The Feelies
    ◎ Love's Crushing Diamond(Other 2014)Mutual Benefit
    ◎ Pushin' Against A Stone(Sunday Best 2013)Valerie June
    ◎ Wait 'Til Night(Hyperdub 2014)Cooly G
    ◎ Vitaphone(Underdog 2013)Nanna B.

    • 2016年上半期(1〜6月)のスニーズ版「BEST NEW ALBUMS 10」です^^;

    • 上半期に購入したアルバム(輸入CD)をリストアップしました(降順)

    • 写真は「CAT ART 美術館」(西武池袋本店 7階)に設置されていた大型パネルです

    Louis Matthieu Joseph &Anna ChedidMaeanaSpace & TimeAdore LifeVoid Beats / Invocation TrexAdentro Floresta AforaVarmintsParadiseHopelessnessColecao

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